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What Is The Best Dog Crate For Your Puppy


Crate training is essential for your dog if you want your paw friend to grow obedient, and calm and have a safe place to rest. If you have a family with small children the crate might be the only place for your pooch to feel safe, undisturbed, and at peace. A good crate can be used for training at home and for travel purposes. Dog owners who are looking to purchase a crate for their four-legged companions may appreciate our recommendations below.

How To Choose The Right Dog Crate

The good dog crate is usually made of hard sides, it boasts a rigid and firm structure and it is easy to clean. Of course, some owners may prefer the crate to be soft-sided if the dog is expected to spend time in the crate mostly at home. We generally recommend using soft-sided crates at home and for travel purposes only when you have a small dog. Soft-sided crates are not as easy to clean but they are easier to store and more convenient for travel. Hard-sided crates are great for medium and large breeds as they are sturdy and will keep your dog safe during travel.

Do not buy a dog crate that feels “cheap” when you touch its surfaces. No hard-sided crate should wobble and only the soft-sided crates are expected to be flexible. If you are going to buy a hard-sided crate we would recommend you buy a model that can be disassembled so it is easier to store when it is not in active use. Always seek to purchase a crate that is easy to clean. Please, avoid the purchase of a wooden crate – it might be impossible to remove any bad smells. When it comes to the size you should make sure the crate allows your dog to stand up and stretch.

If your dog is still a puppy or an adolescent who has not reached his/her full size we would recommend buying a crate that would fit him/her at adult size. If you have friends who have the same breed of dog you can talk to them about the size of the crate they are using if you are not sure about the sizing.

Soft-sided Crate Recommendations

As mentioned earlier, we encourage you to consider a soft-sided crate only if you have a small dog like a Chihuahua, a Pomeranian, a Havanese, or a Miniature Poodle.

Mr. Peanut's Gold Series Standard Size Expandable Pet Carrier

We can describe this product as a “portable luxury villa” for your dog. This pet carrier has a pop-out veranda that gives your dog more room to move and stretch. If you are worried about the weight it is only 3.7 lbs (1,67 kg). The sides are made of composite nylon which is easy to clean and there are beautiful vegan leather highlights. The manufacturers state that the carrier has “Open Air Large Mesh Windows on Top and all Sides”. The carrier is primarily suited for travel and it can hold pets that are up to 15 lbs (6,80 kg) in weight. Mr. Peanut’s expandable pet carrier is not only gorgeous to look at but also functional, it includes: a name tag holder, a D-ring for a leash tether, safety seat belt attachments, and a zippered mesh pocket for storing pet supplies. The full description of the product can be found here

EliteField 3-Door Soft Folding Dog Crate

This crate is foldable and it includes steel frame tubing that supports the soft sides which offer more vertical space than similar products. The EliteField dog crate is favored for its mesh windows, very soft padding at the bottom, and the removable and washable cover and mat which are included by default. The steel tubing that serves as the spine of the crate is easy to remove and you do not need any tools. Although the model may seem a bit boring it has two pockets for storing pet supplies (one on the side and one at the top) and it has a sturdy handle. If you want your dog to have a good view during the travel and you do not want to spend too much money we encourage you to consider buying the dog crate by EliteField. You can find the full product description here and you can purchase the item on storefronts like Amazon and local pet supply stores.

PetNation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for Pets

The crate from PetNation is a very good choice if you want your dog to have a cozy sanctuary at home. The crate can also be taken on travels and the tightly woven mesh fabric panels are supported by a steel frame that the manufacturers say can support dogs of up to 35 pounds (15,87kg). We like this crate for its sturdy build which is an advantage compared to other soft-sided options. The crate comes with pockets for an ID card, accessories, food, and water bowls and the model is fully foldable for easy storage. Most people who have reviewed this product say that their dogs prefer this soft crate over the metal one. Unfortunately, the product is available only in Beige (at the time of writing). You might want to change for new variants on the Amazon store page

Hard-sided Crate Recommendations

We recommend going for a hard-sided dog crate as it offers indisputable safety for your loved paw partner and it is generally easier to clean. If you are raising a puppy I am sure you will prefer a crate that will not retain any bad smells.

MidWest Life Stages Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

We decided to start the list with this model because it comes with dividers that you can use to limit the space for your pup. As your dog grows so will the available space. Buying this crate means you will not have to purchase several crates as your dog matures. The crate from MidWest has rounded corners which is welcomed and there is a pan at the bottom which can be easily removed for cleaning. The pan at the bottom prevents leaks at home and during travel. We recommend using gel pee pads by Mr. Peanut or the Charcoal Puppy Pads by Glad. The metal dog crate by MidWest is available in multiple sizes and it has two doors for easier management. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of this product is that it is fully foldable like the soft-sided models. If you take a look at the reviews on the Amazon product page you will see that people love it for its portability and sturdy construction. Some people complain about how hard it is to assemble the crate and others find it too heavy for their liking so please make your choice carefully.

Diggs Revol Dog Crate

If you are a pet parent who is looking for a fancy dog crate that is beautiful, collapsible, and functional then the one from Diggs Revol might be the best accommodation for your dog. The model has a removable tray for easy cleaning, the crate can be moved on wheels and the sides are made of steel wire so your dog will not feel trapped behind walls. You can collapse the sides by hand and you have one door at the front with a lid on top to drop treats to your pooch during travel. The entire thing is no bigger than a medium-sized travel suitcase. Hence, the crate is not a good choice for large dogs. The manufacturers do offer the crate in four models and the price might be a bit too high for many people. At the time of writing, there are 3,485 reviews so you should be able to decide whether it is a good investment or not. You can also filter the reviews on the product page here. We love this product primarily for its beautiful design, reliable construction, and portability.

Petmate Ultra Vari Dog Kennel

If you are looking for a more traditional dog crate that can fit a medium to a large dog then you might want to take a look at the model offered by Pet Mate. The Ultra Vari dog crate is made of durable plastic and steel wire. The manufacturers have verified this crate to carry dogs that weigh up to 30 lbs (13,60 kg). The basic model can fit a dog that is about 28 inches (71 cm) long. However, Petmate is the only manufacturer on this list that provides crates for dogs that reach up to 40 inches (101 cm) in length. Depending on your needs the Petmate Ultra Vari Dog Kennel can be purchased in a configuration that supports a dog that weighs up to 125 lbs (56.699 kg) which very few competitors can rival. It is true that the model is a bit dull but what it lacks in style it more than makes up in sturdiness. The crate will guarantee your dog’s safety during long travels and it has a very good lock so your pet’s efforts to escape are not likely to be successful. The crate is easy to clean and will not retain bad smells. There are 4,030 reviews on the Amazon product page and 75% of them are 5 stars (at the time of writing). Many reviewers who have dogs that are prone to trying to escape love this product and if you are in a similar situation you might want to consider buying the Petmate Ultra Vari Dog Kennel.