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Welcome to Therapy Dog Certifications

Register your Therapy Dog with us! Their information will be available on our records for future verification. You will be able to access this information from any device, including your PC, smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

You can also purchase an ID Card from our website, in case you would like to have a convenient and easy-to-carry document that helps identify your dog as a support animal. If your order is time-sensitive, you can opt for expedited delivery, available for both digital and physical formats.

• Nationally Recognized Therapy Dog Identification;
• Recognized by Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Other Designated Facilities;
• Approved by Special Needs Centers;
• Standard Pet Companion Access;
• No Breed Limitations.


Therapy Dog Identification Card

Therapy Dog Certificate

Therapy Dog Identification

Please provide the Therapy dog's name, the name of the handler, email address and a photo of the therapy dog (note: the information entered below must be exactly as you want it to appear on the ID card).

(File types accepted: jpg, png, gif, bmp: max file size = 10 MB)

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Therapy Dog Certification

All information regarding therapy dogs registered with us will be maintained in our records.

Therapy dogs undergo basic obedience training, so they behave properly in designed facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, and schools.

Having your therapy dog registered helps demonstrate their credibility and reliability. It also increases your chances of getting approved with your dog as a therapy team.

We are happy to help you register and represent your therapy dog for visitations at hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc.

A proper ID Card can help you negotiate your visits more easily and ensure your team will be approved to participate in pet-assisted therapy sessions.

The therapy dog documentation (certificate and ID Card) that you will receive from our school is very convenient to carry and can be easily attached to your dog’s collar or displayed on your phone. We would recommend that you carry your therapy dog’s certificate and ID Card when visiting designated facilities with them.