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Things You Need to Know about Having a Dog in a Small Apartment (Top 10 Dog Breeds Perfect for Your Apartment Lifestyle)


Do you live in a small apartment or condo? Is it possible for you to raise a cute dog in a tight apartment? This article will probably fulfill your dream and analyze which kind of dog is suitable for you. Before getting a new family member, you should take into account certain aspects regarding your situation, your housing issues and the general traits of a dog. The dog breed is a critical factor affecting these aspects and your final decision. Therefore, we give you a list of breeds that can thrive and get along well with you and other dwellers in a small space.

Things you should consider

Raising a new pup is a serious matter that affects you, your families, dwellers and landlords. Read on to find out what you should consider if you intend to have a dog.

1. Take account of your lifestyle and your budget

Dogs have their daily routine that should be done by the owners. So if you have a dog, you need you will need to feed, walk, train and play with your pet every day. For example, a dog needs to “go to the toilet” outside at least twice a day. Could you incorporate this “stretching your dog’s legs” into your daily routine? If you often travel for work and have to leave the house for days, does anybody then take care of your dog? Never let your dog wait more than eight hours.

In addition, a domesticated dog causes certain costs for daily supplies, regular vaccinations, visits to a vet and special medical treatment in case of illness. Certain canine diseases might require urgent surgery or chronic treatment. Therefore, it is not an easy task for the owner without enough patience and affordable income.

2. Living environment and pet rules

Review your rental agreement to look up the pet rules. Make sure your dog is allowed to live on the property at no extra charge. If this is okay, check the relevant dog size and weight regulations. If you live in an apartment where pets are not allowed, but a dog can alleviate your mental disability, you can live there with an emotional support dog (ESA) according to the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). Normally, a small and quiet dog can be easily accepted by both the landlord and other residents.

Another factor that a potential owner should consider is the living environment. Are your neighbors dog-friendly? Is there a “bathroom” where a dog can do his business around the place you live? Is an animal hospital far away from you? Are there dog-friendly places near the apartment? Those factors could directly affect the quality of your dog’s life.

3. Canine traits 

When you are selecting a dog that is suitable for living in an apartment, you must take into account a few factors:

• Size. Most people regard small dogs as the best choice for living in an apartment. In fact, many large dogs can also live well in tight spaces, and some types of small dogs are not good condo residents. However, having a large dog in a confined space is inconvenient because you have to set up a suitable dog bed or crate for him. Also, a large dog requires plenty of space to walk around the house and do some training.

• Energy is an important factor to consider. The dog that demands a lot of exercise and stimulation every day will get anxiety or resort to destruction in a small apartment without a yard. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a dog that requires less exercise than an active dog. 

• Barking and shedding. Dog’s yapping, howling and whining not only disturb your sound sleep but also get you into trouble with your neighbors and building managers. You need to train your dog to get used to the normal sounds in the building and not to bark or otherwise respond. Another factor that could affect your living environment is shedding, which is normal for every dog. But some dog breeds have no apparent hair loss due to their short fur or innate causes.  

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Top 10 dog breeds suitable for living in an apartment

Although no dog breed can guarantee 100% whether a dog can thrive well in a small condo or not, the breed can be a good indicator. Of course, mixed breed dogs can also make ideal pets if they have the right traits.

We have selected several popular breeds that can thrive in apartments based on the following characteristics:

• Small to medium size 

• Low to moderate energy requirement 

• Mostly quiet 

• Less shedding 

• Easy-going personality 

Here are ten best dog breeds for small apartments:

• Bassett Hound 

• Bichon Frise 

• Chihuahua 

• Maltese 

• Poodle (miniature and toy Poodles) 

• Shih Tzu 

• Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

• Pug 

English Bulldog  

Yorkshire Terrier  

Also, keep in mind that all dogs are different even if they belong to the same breed. There is no innate obedient dog, but you can train it to be a well-behaved dog as long as you are willing to make an effort. Start training and enjoy life with your cute, furry friend in the tiny but sweet condo!