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Ten Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support Animal


What Are Emotional Support Animals? 

These can be cats, dogs, miniature horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, and small domesticated birds. Some countries accept exotic animals too like lizards, spiders, and snakes but these are rare cases. Emotional Support Animals have protected rights under the Fair Housing Act in the US and can live in properties with a no-pets-allowed policy. It is important to note that ESAs are prescribed by a licensed mental health professional to a person with a disabling mental condition. You need a letter from your mental health specialist if you want your dog to be considered an ESA and have some rights guaranteed by law. 

Are ESAs the Same as Service Dogs? 

No, emotional support animals receive no training beyond the house and public manners. ESA usually provide comfort and calming effect to their user in cases where their user might have an anxiety episode, exhibit a rage outburst or have a panic attack without their ESA. Service Dogs on the other hand receive special training that allows them to be a reliable companion at home and in public spaces. Service Dogs can be used to alert of high and low blood sugar levels, alert you of allergens in your food, provide therapy, and many other useful services. SDs are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Emotional Support Animals, unlike service dogs, can’t travel on public transport, an airline, train, or busses while service dogs can. ESAs can’t go with you to a shopping center, a hospital, or a restaurant. Some businesses are pet friendly and you can take your ESA there but that is something you should check in advance.