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Puppy That Can't Walk befriends Pigeon That Can't Fly


A bird that can't fly becomes best buds with a pup that can't walk. The pigeon, named Herman likely suffered brain damage and can no longer fly. Then, a foundation in New York took him in and they paired him with Lundy, a chihuahua puppy that was born without the ability to walk. The pair instantly hit it off and became fast friends. Little did they know they would become an internet sensation. 

(Image: Snapshot of Youtube Video @KGET News.)

The pair are currently staying at the Mia Foundation, a non-profit that cares for animals with special needs such as congenital disabilities and other impediments. A member of The Mia Foundation uploaded a picture of the pair playing and cuddling on social media, and it instantly went viral. The video resulted in nearly 6 million views. But the unlikely duo did not only become internet famous but managed to receive more than $6,000 dollars in donations. This shows that friendship can be made in the most unlikely places.