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All Of The Most Dog-Friendly Dog Breeds


If you are looking for a dog to join your family and you already have cats at home you might want to think carefully over your options. Some dogs do not do well with small pets like cats, birds, or exotic animals. Dogs that have been bred for hunting should not be introduced to families with small pets around. On the other hand, dogs that have been known for being dominant and independent might not get along with other dogs in your house or cats. This is the perfect opportunity to list a few breeds that we know are good with small kids, small pets, active lifestyles, and more easy-going families.

The breeds below are not listed in any particular order and I tried to include good choices for active and easy-going persons. Remember to buy from responsible breeders and you should definitely check your local shelter for good boys or girls in need of love and warmth. Hopefully, one of the breeds mentioned below will be a good fit for you.

Labrador Retriever

One of the absolute favorites of the canine-loving community – the Labrador Retriever – retains fans due to their loving nature, loyal disposition, and high intelligence. The breed has been capturing hearts since the 1700s when they were employed as an aid to the fisherman. The breed was on the verge of extinction due to tax laws in Canada and Britain in the 1800s but regained popularity in the 1930s. The Labrador Retriever needs a lot of exercise and activity. They love games, they love kids and they love playing with other dogs. These doggies are friendly and can live with cats and birds at home. Just make sure you allow them to blow off steam so your furniture and pillows do not pay the price for your neglect.


The resemblance to a bear is striking when you look at a photo of a well-grown Newfoundland. The representatives of this breed are famous for their kindness, soft cuddles, and protective nature. The Newfoundland dogs are easy-going but they need a lot of space so apartment living is not for them. They love kids and they make for good watchdogs. Some theories suggest they interbred with American black wolves while others suggest they were brought by Vikings into North America in 1000 A.D. Newfoundland dogs love being a part of a pack and work well with other dogs but they can play rough with small pets like cats. You should keep in mind that they drool a lot and will require a lot of brushing to limit the hair fall off.


The breed was created for hunting large game like wild boars, deer, and even bears during the Middle Age. They stem from Germany and were highly valued among the local nobility. The Boxer dogs are active and love to play with kids. They love the outdoors and can be stubborn at times so you need to be patient with their training. They are easy-going with other pets and can adapt to an apartment living as long as you allow them enough time to spend their energy. If they get bored or have no way to exercise they will become disruptive, keep that in mind.

French Bulldog

The representatives of this breed are easy-going, they love to snuggle and play with kids. They come in a few shades of brown, sport a wide smile, and can be trained relatively easily. These dogs are perfect for families that prefer to spend their time together in the comfort of their homes. The French Bulldog is very lovable, plays nicely with other pets, and is not too vocal. However, these doggies are prone to gain weight quickly so you need to develop resistance to their puppy eyes and track their diet closely.


These dogs are very active and you need to be prepared to give at least 2 hours of good exercise every day. The Vizsla has a very good health profile and needs minimal grooming. They are ill-suited for apartment living and may bark a lot compared to others. These dogs are famous for a few things — their high intelligence, their excellent trainability, their high affection levels, and smooth brown coat. The Vizsla is very good with kids and other dogs, but they do not mingle with small animals very well due to their roots as hunting dogs. The representatives of the breed are very loyal and can be amazing family companions with the proper exercise and training.


These doggies are recognized mostly by their tri-colored faces, droopy ears, and smart eyes. They are very intelligent, easy to train, and need 1-2 hours of activities each day. Families love them due to their playful nature, calm temper, they are very good with kids and they do not require much in the way of grooming. Beagles establish a strong bond with their owners and play very well with other pets at home. They are known to shed moderately and some puppies are born with blood clotting deficiencies so you need to do periodic blood tests with your veterinarian. The dogs of this breed can adapt to apartment living, but they can be very vocal and that might attract sour looks from your neighbors, keep that in mind.


The Pug is adored by many for its muscular, yet small body and silly character. The curly tail only adds to their cute look that is easily contrasted by their snoring. However, Pugs love cuddles, kids and the easy life – these are in no particular order, but the last one may be their favorite. The dogs of this breed are social and live comfortably with other dogs and cats that you may have at home. These doggies love the comfort of your couch may be just as much as you and do not require a lot of walks. You should not skip on the walks though, because Pugs are prone to obesity.

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is a cute and easy-going breed of dog that is loved for its calm temperament and loving eyes. They can live in an apartment comfortably and they can be a bit more vocal than others, hence, a house setting is preferred. The Basset Hound loves kids and four-legged companions at home. These dogies are prone to obesity so you will need to be careful with their diet and it is good to have daily walks for 30-60 minutes. They are very affectionate and do not require significant grooming efforts. The Basset Hound is an excellent choice for families and they can be trained if you are ready to tolerate their occasional stubbornness.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever could be the best choice for a picture of a “good boy” (or a girl) in the dictionary. These dogs are famous for their playfulness, calm character, protective nature, and gentleness. The dogs of this breed have demonstrated high intelligence and strong attunement to their owners. The Golden Retriever is very family and pet-friendly. The breed is perfect for service dog work and has been known to live comfortably with pets of all kinds. The Golden Retriever has a relatively stable and strong health profile. The breed does not suffer from diseases as much as others and you need to dedicate at least 2 hours per day for them to spend their energy.

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter was raised as a hunting dog for birds in Ireland. The breed is characterized by high energy levels, stubbornness, and strong attachment to its owners. The Irish Setter may need 2-3 hours of intense exercise to burn through their energy. These doggies love kids and, unlike other hunting breeds, mingle with small pets like cats. Of course, the Irish Setter welcomes other dogs and likes to play with dogs of all sizes. These dogs love to run and families that participate in intensive activities like hiking and biking will love them. The Irish Setter needs moderate grooming and has comparatively good health.

Remember to choose your next best furry friend by carefully considering your lifestyle and consulting a veterinarian in advance is always a good idea. What you see here are only a few suggestions, there are other excellent breeds like the Australian Shepherd, the Bernese Mountain Dog, and the Dalmatian that can be great family companions and friends to your cats at home.