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La Quinta And Other Pet Friendly Hotels In The US


Planing a vacation maybe sometimes a difficult task, especially for pet owners. Finding a good place for their fluffy friends to stay during the vacation may cause even headaches for some demanding owners. Many pet owners decide to find a hotel, that allows pets so that neither the owners nor the pets will suffer because of separation.

Is La Quinta pet-friendly?

One of the most popular and highest rated hotels among pet parents is La Quinta. The chain has establishments in the US, as well as in Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America, New Zealand, and Honduras.

But what makes this hotel so special and preferred by so many people, especially dog owners?

Among the variety of amusement options that the hotel offers like golf, yoga, fitness, tennis, pickleball, it is also considered one of the most pet-friendly hotels. According to their pet policy enforced until 2018 two pets of any size could stay free. Pet owners did not need to contact the particular hotel location to ask about their policy or fees.

Changes in the pet policy after the acquisition by Wyndham in May 2018

Buying La Quinta enabled Wyndham to become the third-largest hotel room operator in the world. Unfortunately, after Wyndham took control over La Quinta, their liberal pet policy has changed. The hotel chain is still very pet friendly but there are some adjustments in the pet policy that pet owners may want to take a look at.

At La Quinta by Wyndham all kinds of animals, but only domestic pets like cats and dogs are welcomed into their facilities.

If you doubt whether your pet will be allowed to stay or not, we would recommend that you contact the hotel for accurate information directly.

Are there limitations on the maximum number of allowed pets and their weight?

You need to keep in mind that the presence of up to two domestic pets is allowed, as rooms are capacious. Depending on the particular hotel location there may be enforced weight limitations, and you may need to check with the hotel, whether your pet complies with the limitations or not. When checking in, you need to inform the front-desk staff about the presence of a pet in your room, and you may be asked to leave a contact number.

Are there pet fees?

An important question for every dog owner refers to the fee that might need to be paid for their furry friend.

Pet handlers may be charged $20 per night for a maximum of $40 per stay, per room.

Are pets allowed on all premises of the hotel?

No, your pet is not allowed in the fitness center, the breakfast area, and the pool.

Other rules you need to follow during your stay in La Quinta

You need to supervise your pet at all times, to keep him/her on a leash or in a carrier when you are outside the room. You need to clean after your dog/cat during your stay in La Quinta. In case that your furry friend is a cat, you will be asked to provide a litter box. You may need to make arrangements with the housekeeping, as your room can not be cleaned while you and your dog are present. 

May the hotel staff ask you and your pet partner to leave?

Yes, if your pet causes damages or he/she is considered dangerous, harmful, or disturbing the hotel management has the right to ask you to leave. 

If such a case occurs and a pet-fee has been charged, it will not be refunded.

Do these rules apply to service dogs?

It is important to mention that the pet policy does not apply to service animals, as they are not considered pets. Service animals (according to the ADA’s regulations these can be only dogs) are trained to perform specific tasks in order to help people with a disability like physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability. That means that your service dog is basically allowed to go everywhere you go. Your service dog is not prohibited from the above-mentioned areas and no charges can be applied, because of his/her presence.

Are pets allowed in all La Quinta locations?

According to the pet policy of Wyndham hotels, there are several locations that do not allow pets.

La Quinta by Wyndham Aguascalientes, La Quinta by Wyndham Brooklyn Downtown, La Quinta by Wyndham Brooklyn East, La Quinta by Wyndham Cancun, La Quinta by Wyndham Cd Juarez Near US Consulate, La Quinta by Wyndham Cincinnati Airport Florence, La Quinta by Wyndham Dallas – Richardson, La Quinta by Wyndham Dallas Downtown, La Quinta by Wyndham Inglewood, La Quinta by Wyndham Leon, La Quinta by Wyndham Medellin, La Quinta by Wyndham Monterrey Aeropuerto, La Quinta by Wyndham Monterrey Centro, La Quinta by Wyndham Monterrey Norte, La Quinta by Wyndham New York City Central Park, La Quinta by Wyndham Plano Legacy Frisco, La Quinta by Wyndham Poza Rica, La Quinta by Wyndham Puebla Ciudad Modelo, La Quinta by Wyndham Puebla Palmas Angelopolis, La Quinta by Wyndham San Antonio Medical Ctr. NW, La Quinta by Wyndham San Luis Potosi, La Quinta by Wyndham Santiago Aeropuerto, La Quinta by Wyndham White Plains – Elmsford, La Quinta Inn by Wyndham Queens (New York City), LQ Hotel by Wyndham Tegucigalpa

We would recommend that you carefully check them on their website before making a reservation and call the hotel in regard to their local regulations directly.

Other pet-friendly hotels in the US

The number of pet-friendly hotels increases every year since many property owners acknowledge the importance of pets to their handlers. Some other pet-friendly hotels in the US you might be interested in are:

Kimpton Alexis Hotel in Seattle, Washington

Their pet policy states: “At every Kimpton boutique hotel, we invite you to bring your furry, feathery, or scaly family member — no matter their size, weight, or breed, all at no extra charge. If your pet fits through the door, we’ll welcome them in”. There are no additional fees, no deposits are required. A very big advantage is the no size or weight limitation, as well as the no number limitation of pets allowed.

The Cottages at Nantucket Boat Basin in Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket is a very pet-friendly Island and the Cottages at The Boat Basin offer pet-friendly accommodations. Dogs and cats are welcomed, as long as their owners receive innkeeper approval prior to arrival. The Cottages offer amenities to their furry guests, and many of Nantucket's beaches are pet-friendly. Each cottage features one or two bedrooms with all the amenities that can be found in their standard cottages. There are also included: dog beds, bowls, a welcome bag of treats, and pet turn down.

There is a fee of $59 per night, per cottage, for up to two dogs. This fee is non-refundable.

An interesting detail about the pet policy of the cottages is the "Top Dog!" contest, which has been running every month. The winner has been chosen based on their posts of the dog guest's photo. The photo with the most likes on their Facebook and Instagram feeds wins the monthly contest.

1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa

Two pets of any size are allowed in the hotel for an additional fee of $35 per pet, per night. Pets are prohibited in cottages. Well-behaved pets may be left unattended in rooms. Guests can buy treats for their furry friends at the front desk. Guests and their pets can enjoy a relief in the grassy area of the hotel or a nice walk in the dog park, near the hotel (about a mile away).

Adobe and Pines Inn in Taos, New Mexico

The hotel welcomes most types and sizes of dogs and cats on their property. The pet fee is $25 per pet,  per stay. If hotel guests decide to leave their fluffy friends unattended, they need to put them in a crate.

There are available: 3 acres of grounds, pet-friendly walkways, patios. The pet owners can also find dog beds, extra towels, crates, food, and water bowls as well as unlimited treats.