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Funny Cat Names for Your New Friend


Bringing home a new purring friend can be amazing! Our feline friends bring us joy and love and make us go through many emotions, especially if they are a bit naughty! Making the decision to raise a cat means accepting full responsibility for the animal and ensuring that he/she will be provided with a loving and safe living environment. 

Besides all the serious aspects of raising a feline friend, such as providing supplies, and bringing him/her to a veterinarian for checkups, vaccination, and parasite control, there are also some “less serious” and much more exciting aspects of this process. Choosing the best name for your kitty is one of them!

The name is perceived as an important part of a human’s or pet’s personality, which is likely to describe its most distinguishing features. Some owners want their feline friends to have noble-sounding names, while others opt for names based on their favorite actors/actresses, foods, and even name their cats after their relatives.

We will be more than happy to help you choose a unique name for your feline friend, which will be both funny and easy to remember!

Rules” to Follow When Choosing a Cat’s Name

There is one particular rule, that you may want to remember and follow-pick up a short name, that is easy to pronounce, and your cat will be able to recognize it quickly. Even, if you are fond of long and sophisticated names, you may want to use the short version instead. Choosing a short name can be very beneficial for your cat’s training, in case you may want your feline friend to go through such, i.e. if you want him/her to become your Emotional Support Animal. As you may know, unlike service animals, Emotional Support Animals can be of different species, so turning your pet cat into an ESA is a real option for you.

The other “rule” states, that you should have fun when choosing your paw friend’s name and opt for something that matches your pet’s personality and/or physical traits. If your kitty has some distinctive physical features, these may inspire you to find the most suitable and fun name for your little friend!

Popular Cat Names


Let’s start with the bravest representatives among the cats! What better name for your brave kitty than Leo? Let’s not forget that lions regardless of how dangerous they can be, remain big cats!

Max / Maximilian / Maxim / Maximus

Regardless of what version you will choose (it would be best to use the shortest one to call your kitty though), it will definitely show the greatness of your feline friend! Maximus is of Roman origin and means “the greatest”.


You may know that Luna means “moon” in Spanish and Italian languages. Luna is also the name of the moon goddess in Roman mythology. It can be tracked down to the Latin verb “lucere”, which means “to shine”. If your feline friend is a gentle, beautiful, and graceful goddess, then Luna might suit her very well.


Bella is another popular and beautiful name that will perfectly suit your female kitty. It also has Spanish/Italian origin and means “beautiful”.

Charlie / Charles / Charlotte / Carl / Carlos

The biblical meaning of Charles is “free man”. This is a very popular name, having a lot of varieties, as you can see. Regardless of the name version you will choose, it definitely will represent the free nature of your paw friend. And as we all know, cats tend to be free and independent creatures.


Lilies come in different colors, e.g. white, pink, red, yellow, and orange. You can name your feline friend after this beautiful flower based on his/her color. The pink Lilly color is a symbol of abundance, the red color is a symbol of passion of course, while the white color is perceived as a symbol of innocence and purity.

Luci / Lucy / Lucia / Luce / Luzia

Regardless of the specific variation, this name can be translated as “as of light”. It can also be interpreted as “shiny” or “born at dawn”, “born at daylight”...or otherwise related to light. What a beautiful name to call your kitty, isn’t it?


This name is of Greek origin and means “to acclaim, praise” and also “Father’s glory”. It is very symbolic and if you want your paw friend to also bear a symbolical name, this might be a good choice. Moreover, the name is gender-neutral, so you can use it for your kitty, regardless of his/her gender.

Oliver / Oli

The name "Oliver" is derived from the Latin name "Oliverus," which was a Roman family name that means "olive tree." The olive tree was considered a symbol of peace and prosperity in ancient times, so the name may have been given to children as a wish for a peaceful and prosperous life.


There are different theories about the name’s origin. Some believe that the name has its origin in Slavic languages and means “dear” or “beloved”. Others think that it can be tracked down to Latin and means “soldier”. According to other theories, the name is of ancient Greek origin and means “yew-flower”.


If your paw friend is gentle and loving, the name Daisy is likely to represent her pure nature very well. The name is especially suitable for white cats.


Funny Cat Names for Boys and Girls  

  • Puff-Puff    

  • Cheddar  

  • Bubbles 

  • Meowise

  • Monkey

  • Sushi

  • Kit-Kat

  • Snowball         

  • Buttons

  • Jelly

  • Meatball

  • Marshmallow

  • Muffin    

  • Hocus-Pocus    

  • Ramen  

  • Raven

  • Boo-Boo Kitty    

  • Jigglypuff

  • Wasabi


Funny Movie & Literature-Related Cat Names 

  • Katniss

  • Catrick Swayze    

  • Catalie Portman

  • Cat Winslet

  • Puss in Boots  

  • Mr. Meowgi

  • Brad Kitt

  • Jude Paw

  • Leonardo DiCatrio

  • Drew Hairymore     

  • Hairy Pawter

  • Ben Catleck

  • Whiskers         

  • Lord Voldecat     

  • Harrison Furred

  • Cat Zeta-Jones

  • Pawtunia         

  • Luke Skywalkpurr

  • Obi-Wan Catnobi     

  • Purrincess Leia

  • William Shakespurr

  • J.R.R. Tollkitten

  • Haruki Purrakami

  • Purrnest Hemingway

  • Huckleberry

  • Holden Clawfield

  • Great Catsby

Funny Music-Related Cat Names

  • Kittie Hendrix

  • Cat Benatar 

  • Mick Meowger

  • Caty Purry / Kitty Perry

  • David Pawie

  • Cat Floyd

  • Furry Osbourne / Ozzy Pawsbourne

  • Freddie         

  • Aretha

  • Tina

Funny Sport-Related Cat Names

  • Meowhammad  Ali

  • Shakitten O’Neal

  • Steve Purry or Steve Furry

  • Wayne Catzky

  • Catfish Hunter

  • LePaw James

  • Paw Brady

  • Paw Bryant

  • Cat Tayson

  • Pawnda Rousey

  • Pawomi Osaka    

  • Meownell Messi
  • Christiano Pawnaldo

  • Purrina Williams

  • Anna Furnikova


Funny History-Related Cat Names

  • Isaac Mewton

  • Catpernicus

  • Meowdeline Albright

  • Fidel Catstro

  • Winston Furchill

  • Fuzz Aldrin

  • Barack Obameow   

  • Mewlius Caesar

  • George Meowington

  • Napawleon         

  • Albert Catstein

  • Winston Purrchill


Funny Nerdy Cat Names  

  • Pi   

  • Pixel 

  • Nano

  • Linux

  • Beta

  • Siri

  • Mac

  • Atari

  • Sega

  • Pascal

Funny Food-Related Cat Names

  • Pancake  

  • Potato

  • Bagel

  • Honey

  • Pickles

  • Clawiflower

  • Purrito

  • Apple

  • Soup

  • Meowtini

  • Nacho

  • Mozzarella

  • Nugget

  • Cocoa

  • Pepper

  • Coconut

  • Cherrito


Names for White Cats

  • Blanca/Blanco  

  • Pearl

  • Blanche

  • Snow Paw

  • Milky         

  • Coco

  • Ivory

  • Sugar Puff

  • Lumi

  • Frosty

Names for Orange Cats

  • Tigger

  • Mango

  • Papaya

  • Peaches

  • Pumpkin

  • Goldie

  • Fire Paw

  • Nemo

  • Garfield

  • Saffron

  • Coral

  • Ginger


Cat Names for Black Cats   

  • Nero / Neron

  • Kuro (from Japanese)

  • Inky

  • Ebony

  • Raven

  • Night Claw / Night Paw

  • Blackie

Cat Names for White-Black Cats

  • Oreo

  • Pinguin

  • Domino

  • Ace

  • Sylvester

  • Piano

  • Dottie

  • Dicie

  • Orca

  • Tuxedo


Cat Names for Gray Cats

  • Mr. / Mrs. Gray 

  • Ash

  • Smokey

  • Silver

  • Misty

  • Fog

  • Platinum

  • Grigio

Regardless of what name for your feline friend you will opt for, it is important that you love your paw family member and make sure that he/she has a safe and healthy living environment.