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Dog Accessories Every Dog Owner Needs


Imagine all the hustle and bustle accompanying bringing a cute paw friend home! They are so cute and lovely and our minds get easily filled with thoughts of how we will cuddle with them, play with them and engage in so many fun activities in- and outdoors!

Welcoming a dog or cat into the family is an amazing experience many of us have already enjoyed. However, when thinking of the time when we were still newbies in pet raising, many of us may wish to have been better prepared for this amazing endeavor.

Today, we will help all of you who have decided to become pet parents prepare for welcoming their furry friend into the family! We will list several essential items, that every pet owner should have! Let’s dive into the pet world and find out what essential accessories for your dog you may still miss at home!

Food & Water Bowls

It is essential that we provide our beloved furry friends with the best supplies for them, considering their age, size, and preferences.

There is a variety of food and water bowls that can be purchased from a zoo or grocery store as well as online. They are made of different materials and have different sizes. If you are wondering what type of food/water bowls to opt for, we would recommend bowls made of material that is sturdy, long-lasting, and easy to clean such as stainless steel. Plastic bowls are more difficult to clean, they may contain toxins for your pet and are also not very eco-friendly. Bowls of glass are not a bad option, but you should be cautious as they may get broken easily.

If you have multiple pets in the household, remember to provide each of them with their own set of food and water bowls. This will help prevent them from displaying any unwanted behaviors due to resource guarding. It will also avoid transferring any infections from one pet to another. Remember to place the food and water bowls in separate areas at home where your paw friends will be able to eat and drink water uninterrupted.

Bedding / Crate

Our furry family members deserve to enjoy the same comfort when sleeping as we do. Therefore, it is advisable to provide your dog with comfortable bedding or sleeping pad/mat, where they will be able to tank energy and be ready to welcome the new day full of joy and energy!

Just like with the food and water bowls, it is recommended to place your dog’s bedding in a separate area, which will be their safe zone. As we mentioned before, location is important, so that your dog is neither cold nor hot. Also, you should avoid any draughty areas.

A crate may be helpful for young pups to learn to spend some time alone without being overly sensitive when left home. This is an essential part of raising a dog, especially for those who are prone to separation anxiety.

The purpose of the crate is to be your canine’s safe zone, which is associated with positive experiences. Given that, it is recommended that you encourage your pup’s interest in the crate and motivate them with treats and praise. This will help them develop a paw-sitive attitude towards the crate and not be afraid of it. You can even hide treats inside and place interesting toys for your pup to play with.

Leash & Collar

What’s one of the most favorite activities for our furry buddies? Going outside to explore the world of course! As loving and responsible dog owners, we should ensure that our dogs are on a leash when taken on a walk.

This is important for many reasons- it will prevent your dog from:

-running away and getting lost, hit by a vehicle, or otherwise injured;

-jumping / biting or otherwise misbehaving around other animals or people they may encounter during the walk;

-eating something potentially harmful for them, especially if they are the type of dog, that is constantly hungry and eager to try out every item they run into.

Considering the importance of these supplies, you should make sure that they are of proper size and made of quality material that your dog will feel comfortable with.

Remember that your paw friend will grow, so make sure that their leash and collar fit their current size. Quite often, it is the wrong size of the training/ID gear that makes dogs so reluctant to wear it.


Every beloved doggo deserves to have some fun, while also improve their physical and mental health. Toys are not just items for your paw friend to stay engaged while you are away! They are tools to keep your dog healthy, help them spend their energy, improve their problem-solving skills, keep their brain sharp, and prevent them from developing bad habits out of boredom.

Boredom due to a lack of opportunities to exercise is a common reason why dogs display some unwanted behaviors like chewing, pulling on a leash, or barking. Whether puzzles, tug toys, lasers, ball launchers, Frisbees, a Kong, or chew toys-engaging in fun activities together and physically and mentally stimulating your dog, is essential for their well-being.


Just like toys, treats are not just some items to spend a lot of money on, but helpful “tools” in the process of raising a pet. You may wonder why treats are so essential…

They can help reinforce wanted behaviors, which will pay off in the long term. If you want to encourage your dog to be well-mannered, you can encourage them with treats to show them what behavior will be rewarded and what won't be encouraged.

Instead of punishing your paw friend, and contributing to developing a negative attitude, you can simply encourage them to show the wanted behaviors. This process will build your canine’s trust in you and will also help strengthen your bond.

Of course, treats of high quality are a good way to enrich your dog’s regular food, so it is more balanced and nutritional. Keep in mind though, that treats should be given in moderation, so that your canine remains fit and does not gain weight.



Your paw friend may be at their best behavior when outdoors, but you never know what situations you may encounter. It is advisable to be prepared and put identification gear on your four-legged buddy. It can be an ID tag, an ID card, and of course a microchip, so you are always familiar with your dog’s location.

If an incident happens and your dog gets lost, identification gear will help you find them more easily and prevent them from ending up in a shelter.


Dental hygiene is an important aspect of the overall well-being of both humans and dogs. Plague buildup can lead to cavities which when untreated can lead to infections that enter the bloodstream. These infections can affect important organs including the heart, kidneys, and liver, and cause serious complications.

Flavored toothpastes for dogs and cats can help make brushing teeth a pleasant experience! However, you should not skip regular veterinarian check-ups, including teeth examinations.

Grooming Brush

Every loving owner takes care of their pet’s health and physical appearance. If you want your paw friend to have a shiny coat, free of tangles, then a grooming brush is an item that belongs in your pet supplies.

How often you will need to use the brush, depends on your dog’s breed, and coat type. While brushing once a week may be sufficient for keeping the coats of some breeds neat and clean, others may require to have their coats brushed every 2–3 days.


Parasite Control Medication

While vaccines can be administered only at the vet’s office, there are many options for parasite control to be done at home. For instance, you can consult with your vet on what medication to give your dog on a monthly basis to keep them protected against fleas, mites, and other parasites. Flea collars are also available on the market as supplies for parasite control.


Nail Trimmer

Trimming your pet’s nails is a part of their grooming and hygiene and should be done about once a month. If you are not certain that you will do it properly, and are afraid to nick the blood vessels inside, you’d better take your dog to a groomer. It is better to pay for your dog to be professionally groomed than doing it yourself and injuring your paw friend.

First Aid Kit

Just like we need first aid kits for humans, the same should be available in each household where a pet lives. You can either set up a pet first aid kit yourself or purchase an already-made one. The following items listed below are among the essential items that should be included in every first aid kit for your dog or cat:

Cotton pads/balls; Gauze pads (sterile); Adhesive tape; Bandages; Tweezers; Antibiotics; Antiseptic wipes; Hydrogen peroxide (used for treatment and prevention of wound infection); Thermometer; Muzzle (to prevent your dog from biting you in a case of emergency if they are distressed).

Poop Bags

Always prepare poop bags when taking your dog for a walk and make sure you clean after them. Let’s be responsible pet owners and don’t leave a mess after our beloved canines.

Odor Remover

This may come in handy, especially if your doggo is of a large breed, whose favorite activities are rolling in the grass or playing in the mud. Those of you who raise a big paw friend at home are quite familiar with the unpleasant smell they have after a long and energetic exploring and playing outdoors.

If you decide to purchase an odor remover, it is essential for your pet’s health to opt for pet-safe ingredients. Avoid any products that are toxic for pets and can seriously harm them.