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Can I Get a Service Dog Certification Online?


What is a support dog certification?

You can legally get an online certificate for your well-behaved dog, including service dog, emotional support dog, and therapy dog. Each of the dogs performs various tasks and different demands are placed on them. For example, the U.S Department of Justice points out that a service dog has to be trained to be able to assist people with physical disabilities. Many people are unaware that it is legal to certify a pet online as an emotional support animal for people who are suffering from mental illnesses. And therapy dogs recognized by hospitals, nursing, and other institutions help patients suffering from some diseases such as cancer, autism, and heart disease. Before you register your dog, you need to think about what you need and choose the best certification.

What are a service dog and a service dog certification?

A service dog must be able to perform the tasks that the (disabled) owner cannot do himself. The tasks may include:

  • Guide the blind

  • Remind the owner to take medication 

  • Detects the medical condition of the patient 

  • Assist while the owner is in a wheelchair 

  • Pick up fallen objects 

  • Open or close the door 

Apart from these commands, a service dog has to provide the disabled person with assistance tailored to the disability. Therefore, the dog plays an important role in the activities of the owner. However, we know that many places, such as restaurants and libraries, prohibit the entry of pets. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a service dog is allowed in most public areas such as state institutions and organizations. This means you can visit shops and facilities with “No Pets Allowed” signs at the door and travel with it on the plane, something you had not been able to do in the past. After a special training, your dog will be able to take care of you. And you should get a certificate to prove that he is a quailed service dog.


How to get a service dog certificate online? 

Although there is no official organization for the registration of service dogs, online registration is a convenient and fast method. It is recommended that you choose a reliable organization and read its rules carefully. You might need to provide the following information:

  • Name of the handler 

  • Name of the dog 

  • Name of its breed 

  • A photo of the dog 

As a rule, you will shortly receive a digital certificate by email or in a card form by post. You will find a unique registration number on the certificate and you can search it in the registered database to confirm its availability. Remember the available date and register again in advance.

Service Dog Certification

Benefits of service dog certification

After your service dog has its own certification, he can accompany you everywhere. Before leaving the house, the dog handler should dress the dog with a vest and then have the service dog certification card attached to it. Alternatively, save the digital certification image on your smart device (such as your mobile phone and tablet).

  • Airplanes: If you have to travel by plane, you should notify the airline 48 hours before departure, that you will be traveling with your service dog. It is advisable to inform them about the size of your dog so that a suitable seat for you and your dog can be arranged. For example, some medium-size breed like the golden retriever must sit on the floor in front of the exit. 

  • Hotels: If you plan to stay in a hotel or lodge, it is better to find a dog-friendly hotel in advance and inform them about your check-in time, to give them plenty of time to prepare the room. Some hotels may provide your service dog with dog food. However, if you find a hotel that does have a “No Pets Allowed” policy, do not worry, you can show your service dog certification upon check-in. According to the ADA, you can not be denied entry with your dog. 

  • Restaurants: Some restaurants have the “No Pets Allowed” sign, but does this mean that your dog is not permitted to enter with you? No, it does not. You can provide the staff with the service dog certification if they are unaware of the law or doubt the authenticity of your dog. 

Service Animal Registration