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Are dogs allowed in Lowe's in Canada and America (2021)?


Lowe’s is a major home improvement retailer with a network that covers Canada and the US. The company has been known to offer quality service and has a history that dates as far back as 1921. The company was founded in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, and has had a somewhat inconsistent pet policy until 2015. The store managers have always had the leeway to determine their pet policy but that changed in 2015 when Lowe’s updated their policies to welcome pets in their stores as long as they meet a few requirements.

Lowe’s Pet Policy Is Pretty Liberal

If you need to bring your pet into a Lowe’s location, please note that the pet has to be vaccinated, on a leash, and well behaved. We have found posts online in regards to Lowe’s pet policy that indicate even exotic pets like monkeys are allowed on-premises. It is safe to say that Lowe’s is very pet-friendly. However, you should note that exotic pets that make other customers at Lowe’s feel unsafe can be denied access.

You are likely to see many dogs accompanying their owners and you should always be leading your dog on a short leash. The Lowe’s stores are characterized by wide isles and you should feel comfortable with your dog while on the premises. We recommend that you should bring a poop bag as well in case there is an accident. The management is usually understanding and you should not be chastised when your dog defecates or urinates in the store, but the management can ask you to leave.

Well-behaved dogs and other common pets are welcomed at Lowe’s judging by reviews online and posts on social media. However, exotic pets might be treated on a per case basis in the interest of the safety and comfort of the customers at Lowe’s so you should keep that in mind.

Service Dogs at Lowe’s Have Unrestricted Access

Lowe’s is bound by law to allow service dogs unrestricted access. The legislation in Canada and the US is different in regards to service dogs but you should know that a handler and their service dog are allowed unfettered access. Service dogs are considered guests at Lowe’s and are not required to carry any vest or a band to indicate their status.

Service dogs are different from Emotional Support Animals (ESA) and they have guaranteed rights by law. Canada employs the Canada Transportation Act and the  Canadian Human Rights Act to enable persons with disabilities to have unimpeded access to stores, transportation, services, and public places. The US on the other hand adheres to the Americans with Disabilities Act that postulates the rights and freedom of movement of persons with physical and mental disabilities. It should be noted that the legislation in Canada and the US makes an important distinction between Emotional Support Animals and Service Dogs. Not all retail chains like Lowe’s allow ESA and pets on their premises much less exotic animals.

A Word of Advice

Lowe’s remains a very pet-friendly retailer with a comfortable store layout. You should only bring well-behaved pets to the store to save yourself troubles and make the visits with your pets enjoyable. It is a good idea to bring your pet from an early age into public spaces like Lowe’s so they are used to the smells, sounds, and people. Always lead your pet on a leash and pay close attention to the pet’s emotional state and comfort. You will be responsible for cleaning after your pet if it makes a mess and you can be escorted out of Lowe’s if the pet causes trouble and distress for other customers. Be nice and enjoy the visits at Lowe’s!